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Im so terrified of losing you, because people grow tired of girls like me, and sometimes I build my walls so high and push others away when I need them the most, I can be stubborn, moody, and sad a lot. Im a mess, a handful. Im fire and wehn you play fire you have to expect to be burned, but when i burn you it's not because I dont love you, its because Im a girl who's still learning how to handle my blaze of emotions

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Can I?

I want a relationship where you’re totally comfortable around each other, and there’s no pressure to act a certain way. There’s no awkward moments. You can be weird and lazy when you’re together, make fun of each other, tickle each other, and then just laugh it off like you’re best friends because you are. A relationship where you call each other nicknames and there is lots and lots of laughing involved in the time you spend together, but you can also be serious. You can just be yourself, with the comfort of knowing that’s what the other person loves the most. 

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I want skinny thighs and long soft hair and big eyes and clear skin and a cute relationship and money and pretty clothes and friends idk bye